Gas Flow

GAS FLOW is one of our newest AREAS at CAT and with higher projected growth. Our patterns and technical capacity allow us to obtain very good uncertainty of the reading in the range from 1 cm3/min to 100 L/min.


Calibración Asistencia Técnica obtained ENAC accreditation for its laboratory in the GAS FLOW Area with a CMC of 0,34% reading, which means one of the best CMCs currently available in the country.

Noviembre 2014

Equipment and insturments to be calibrated

  • Calibrated Leaks
  • Flow meters
  • Rotameters
  • Flow transmitters and flow controllers controlled by electrical signal
  • Flow-calibrated volumetric meters
  • Flow controllers
  • Laminar Flow Elements

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Scope + Technical Annex + Accreditation Certificate